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We create IDX MLS systems for licensed Realtors and real estate agents; we also build real estate agent websites.

If you’re here, that means you’re interested in Real Estate Internet Data Exchange (IDX). Get my listings. Get other’s listings. Get all the listings I can, and put them on my webpage. Automatically. Everyday. Like clockwork. No work. Just an IDX system which does all the work. On it’s own. And the complimenting listing/property IDX search page.

We do IDX.

The first thing you’re going to ask yourself is: What does this IDX look like?

The next thing you’re going to ask is, how much is this IDX stuff going to cost me?

Good question. A base IDX website starts at only $995, plus $40 per month for the IDX. We have no hidden fees and no B.S.

How long does it take?

The average IDX takes a week. Rush service is available.

Qualifications? Our industry professionals have hands on experience with brokers, realtors, and have worked such places as Risco, FNIS, Remax and Prudential. So. Click here to inquire.

Who is this website for?
This website is intented as a how-to of best practices and guidelines for IDX Programmers, Implementators and Reators. It outlines a clear path to an IDX solution.
Welcome to IDX Help.

A lot of interesting changes here. If you were to go to in 2002, nothing would have came up. Today, there is something. And, to tell you the truth, I am not really sure why I did it.

I remember fondly, writing out the psuedo-code for my first IDX Builder. It stayed in ‘planned’ project status for a long time. And finally, I wrote the builder. It took all my spare time. I felt It was such an awesome accomplishment to pull an IDX data feed, and massage it into a useable, searchable webpage.
I really could have used some help.

Fast forward years to now. I want to give something back. Share some experiences. I had a very difficult time finding an IDX forum for developers, a place where the best-techniques for IDX could be discussed. So, this is my way of starting my own.

Any IDX developers are welcome to post an IDX article. Realtors wanting to understand IDX or the technology surrounding IDX are welcome to participate.

Any realtors are welcome to inquire as to our IDX services. Click here to inquire.

Writing your own IDX? Start with our articles.


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