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    We can work with any IDX, but we strongly recommend you check out IDXbroker or IDXpress for SEO value.

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IDX Experts and Consultants

If you are searching for “IDX help” online, and looking for a consultant that specializes in IDX / MLS, specifically for real estate agents, you’ve found the right website. Congratulations!

If you’ve tried hiring the typical web designer to make a real estate website, you’ve probably learned that this is a highly specialized area of web development. While most websites are essentially the same in structure, a typical agent site contains thousands of listings. If the IDX is not set up properly, you can actually harm your SEO.

Or, perhaps you are currently using a “framed” solution- meaning your listings are probably provided to you at no cost, but you simply frame your board’s MLS inside of your own site. Not only does this have zero real estate SEO benefit, but it’s pretty ugly too. You have no control over the design. If your local board’s IDX changes all of it’s colors, the colors change on your site too.

Or worse, maybe you have the type of MLS that leads you to another site! Some MLS systems actually perform the search on the Realtor’s website, but the search executes in a new window on the IDX company’s domain. This is just as bad as the framed solution. No benefits or authority is conveyed to your domain. You’re just a middleman to the real information. Why would Google want to give your domain to searchers?


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